About Halloween Decorations

Halloween Paper Fans | Party Cat on Box | Felt Ball Garland | Cat on Unicycle | Pumpkin Paper Lantern
Cat Bucket | Halloween Cat Cutout | Black Cat Candy Cone | Jointed Pumpkin Goblin | Pumpkin Night Lite

Decorating for the holidays has always been the kind of mom task I’ve aspired to be good at. I remember visiting other friends or neighbors houses and being mesmerized at their beautiful holiday displays. Then, I grew older and would stand in awe at the gorgeous displays in Martha Stewart Living magazine or the Pottery Barn stores. I can’t quite describe the way family holidays make me feel – they’re just the kind of creature comfort I’m always longing for.

Halloween is a rather silly holiday but I’m all about taking advantage of what we have and what we have is a holiday called Halloween. While I don’t embrace the spooky side, I love to indulge the fall harvest side. There’s nothing better than the rich hues of Fall coupled with the smell of a warm fire on a cool autumn eve.

I’m forever drawn to the classics and what’s more classic for Halloween than a black cat and pumpkins?! I’m not the best at finding hidden gems in antique stores (though not for lack of trying). I’ve rounded up some of the decorations catching my eye this year that pay homage to the vintage vibes of bygone days. Usually you can score some pretty cute finds at vintage fairs this time of year but since public events are not happening, the Internet will have to suffice.

If you know of any cute shops with vintage Halloween decor, please let me know! I’m always searching for things off the beaten path.


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